When On GoogleEarth 121

I'm hosting WOGE for the third time as I found -not without difficulty because of the strange color photos of Cuzco in GoogleEarth- Sacsayhuaman site that Amy placed in WOGE 120.

Find the site of the image and put the location in the comments and you can host your own Woge.


2011-02-18 Update: Since it has been two days without participation, here's a hint that I hope helps. The country where this site is has not appeared in any of the previous WoGE challenges.

2011-02-22 Update: This site is less than 15 km. from the sea and about 60 meters above sea level.

2011-02-27 Update: This site is part of a group of more than 300 tombs, of which about 280 are circular.

The rules of the game:

Q: What is When on Google Earth?
A: It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go!
Q: How do you play it?
A: Simple, you try to identify the site in the picture.
Q: Who wins?
A: The first person to correctly identify the site, including its major period of occupation, wins the game.
Q: What does the winner get?
A: The winner gets bragging rights and the chance to host the next When on Google Earth on his/her own blog!

The theme of the WhenOnGoogleEarth challenge should be an archeological one.

More info and previous challenges in the Facebook group.

The first 100 challenges of the game are available from this link, as a KMZ file.

Me toca alojar por tercera vez WOGE ya que encontré -no sin dificultad debido al extraño color de las fotos de Cuzco en GoogleEarth- el sitio de Sacsayhuamán que Amy colocó en Woge 120.

Encuentra el sitio de la imagen y coloca su ubicación en los comentarios y podrás alojar tu propio WOGE.


Eloy, thanks for the clue. Your picture looks like a "Motte-and-bailey". My first impression has been to look in the Netherlands. ....

I think the order of the crops and sharp boundaries can give this idea Felix, but is not there ... (wrong country)

Am I right in saying that the cars are driving on the left?

I don't know how you have seen that, but you are right.

It's the position of the cars when they're waiting at an intersection. Bother it, I have the country and I know what sort of thing I'm looking for, but it's 1:30 am and I have to get some sleep.

Felix, try not to go too fast on this one for me. Faith and it's the luck of me ancestors I'll be needing with this one.

Eloy, thanks for the clues.

Hey Gillian, since 2 weeks I try to figure out, wether we have a left or a right hand traffic. I've been looking for small cars behind big trucks. Your clue with the intersection is marvellous. That's gonna speed me up tremendously ;-) . So I give you a day until I am going to look at http://www.megalith.ukf.net/ for the site. I've been searching just a little bit for WOGE121, as Geo-WOGE 268 (http://www.scienceblogs.de/and-the-water-seems-inviting/2011/02/where-on-google-earth-268.php) did exhaust me very much.

Although the site is on an island, I don't think search that url Felix says is going to serve in this case ... :-)

Sure and begorrah I'm after checking all the Emerald Isle. Felix - I'll race you. (I've already checked a lot of the sites listed and I'm sure I'll eventually find it, but I'm reduced to map-skimming now)

Again, this is not even the continent ... (I assume that Gillian refers to Ireland)

Drat. Curses. Although it's been 25 years since I was there, and now I desperately want to go back.

OK, back to the map-hopping. What I do know: Northern Hemisphere (the shadows on the trees confirm this), Left hand drive, enough rainfall to make for green pastures, civilised enough to have a set-apart car park (which is probably actually for the building beside it - research institute? Museum?), cultivated fields. That narrows it down a little...

And an island, but not part of Europe.

32.121°N, 131.404°E Japan Saito, Saitobaru-Kofun-Group
Group of 250 to 300 Kofun being built between the 4th and 7th century. A Kofun is a tomb of the Kofun Period in Japan. Most of the Kofun have a keyhole-shaped mound. Many others are circular, others are like conjoined rectangles. The sizes of the tombs can go from several meters up to a length of 400m. The funeral chamber consisted of a group of megaliths.

After so many clues, it did take 10 minutes today to find it. In the previous weeks I've been looking half hearted and gave up pretty early, as my "Motte" theory did not lead to the solution. The major problem was, that the pattern on the larger circular shape of the picture looks like a "globus cruciger". So this and the Motte theory did fit together pretty well and I've been searching in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France and the surounding areas. As I didn't find it there, I had no clue where to look on further and not having an archaeological education, I thought, I could give up.

So I did learn something new, muchas grachias at Eloy.

So Gillian, you have to concentrate on the geological WOGE. Maybe you better hurry up, as I know the solution since one day (i would not want to live in one
of the houses on the picture, even it's a wonderful spanisch speaking area).

Congratulations Felix... you did it again.

The coordinates in my Google Earth are 32.116695° - 131.388850°, the difference are due to this being a big park-museum as Gillian noted. Maybe I should choose a keyhole-shaped tomb, but that should be too easy :-)

Kyushu also seems very nice ...

We'll wait for your new When-o-GE challenge (I saw that you're really into Where-o-GE).

Best regards

Eloy: I think I saw you visiting my WhereOnGoogleEarth "blog" some days ago. There are normally no venezuelan visitors there. You are very much invited to join the game! I very much depend on the landscape to find a spot. With the smaller scales, necessary in WhereOGE, I'm very often in trouble.

Sure I was visiting your page on WhereOnGoogleEarth; maybe I'll try to play but it seems more difficult than WhenOnGoogleEarth, here at least you know it is about something of certain historical importance. And the images are pretty small... If I can, I'll give you a surprise...

WOGE122 is ready for hunting:


Does anyone know why I can't post on Felix's blog - it tells me I have to be a team-member, but I can't find anyway of becoming one (story of my life, obviously!)

Apparently felix's blog only allows comments from Gmail accounts. It is a constraint that maybe he can resolve, I think he will be notified of your comment.

Actually, it allows most Open ID, including LiveJournal (my own wasted space), and right down the bottom is the choice for anonymous. If you can't see those choices, you may have something disabled in your browser. I know on my husband's Mac I have to arrow-down to see the other choices, whereas on my PC they all show up as a drop-down box.

Hi Chris: I've fixed the posting problem. You should be able to post right now. Sorry for that. I think I disabled Comments some weeks ago by accident....

Nicely found, Felix! I'd narrowed it down to Japan but was having trouble pinpointing it, so an excellent find.

(I wouldn't trust looking for small cars behind big trucks. Here in Aus the bloody trucks tailgate the cars!) And while I appreciate the hint for the Geological, I'm not having any joy. Go for it, laddie. (I also, strangely, have to do some work, so can't spend as much time on it as I wish).

Eloy - wonderful site! Excellently chosen. I shall have to add it to my ever-growing list of "places I *must* visit). Thank you for that one.

Gillian: With the WhenOGE, you have to search primarily with Google. After it has been clear, that we are looking for an island with cars on the wrong side of the road (left side), not UK/Ireland, the only posibility was Japan. On Google: "tomb Japan" leads to "Kofun" and after 3 minutes to our site.